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The physical process where two surfaces are firmly attached by interfacial forces, which may include valence forces or interlocking action.

Quality and Compliance Presentations

In addition to working in the field of adhesives, Dr. Steiner has also advised companies about quality and compliance. The two attached presentations presentations provide an example of Dr. Steiner’s passion in these areas. Available for adhesive consulting & adhesive … Continue reading

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Adhesive Failure & Epoxy Failure

Many of Dr. Steiner’s expert consulting or expert witness engagements concern actual or suspected failure in adhesive and epoxy bonds in aerospace, medical device, pharmaceuticals, packaging, industrial, and construction applications. In fiber composites, the issues typically revolve around suspected cracks/micro-cracks … Continue reading

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Polybenzimidazole (PBI) Prepreg II: Improved Elevated Temperature Properties with Autoclave Processability

Below of the abstract of a paper Dr. Steiner co-authored on this topic. Available for adhesive consulting &adhesive expert witness services. Polybenzimidazoles are heterocyclic polymers which are known for their outstanding thermal and chemical stability. Hoechst Celanese has recently developed … Continue reading

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