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About Paul Steiner, PhD CQA

Thank you for visiting. With over 38 years in industry, Dr. Paul Steiner offers Expert Consultant and/or Expert Witness services in: 1. all areas related to developing/formulating, processing, testing, failure analysis and use of adhesives/resins and fiber reinforced composites in all applications from aerospace to medical devices and; 2. Expertise in regulatory compliance and processing of pharmaceuticals (and biologics) and medical devices. In addition, as an ASQ Certified Quality Auditor Dr. Steiner has led 300+ audits on 4 continents. Dr. Steiner is your source for advice on adhesive sourcing, selection and processing. He pioneered the use of fiber composites in aerospace and assisted in expanding their role as structural materials for medical devices, general construction, etc. His expertise covers thermoset, thermoplastic, UV cure and PSAs (pressure sensitive adhesives). Resins include epoxies, vinyl esters, silicones, phenolics, urethanes, cyanoacrylates, polyimides, HDPE, PEEK, Ultem, etc.

Adhesive Failure & Epoxy Failure

Many of Dr. Steiner’s expert consulting or expert witness engagements concern actual or suspected failure in adhesive and epoxy bonds in aerospace, medical device, pharmaceuticals, packaging, industrial, and construction applications. In fiber composites, the issues typically revolve around suspected cracks/micro-cracks … Continue reading

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Polybenzimidazole (PBI) Prepreg II: Improved Elevated Temperature Properties with Autoclave Processability

Below of the abstract of a paper Dr. Steiner co-authored on this topic. Available for adhesive consulting &adhesive expert witness services. Polybenzimidazoles are heterocyclic polymers which are known for their outstanding thermal and chemical stability. Hoechst Celanese has recently developed … Continue reading

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Toughening Composites

Increasing the toughness or damage resistance/tolerance of composites has been a consistent theme in recent materials development, and one of the major motivating forces behind development of thermoplastic composites and thermoplastic/thermoset blends. Available for adhesive consulting &adhesive expert witness services. … Continue reading

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