Adhesives Expertise

With a PhD in organic chemistry, Dr. Paul Steiner has spent over 15 years developing expertise in adhesives, resins and advanced composites for a variety of applications including aerospace, commercial, and medical device. His broad industry knowledge allows him to understand a wide range of applications and therefore determine the right adhesive for the job. His scientific knowledge includes adhesion theory ,surface chemistry and surface topography. One area of particular interest is acrylic resins especially as related to PSAs (pressure sensitive adhesives). Dr. Steiner holds several patents in the area of adhesives and advanced composites.

Available for adhesive consulting &
adhesive expert witness services.

Dr. Steiner has spent many years in formulation development working on achieving maximum adhesion through the use of adhesion promoters, etc. Much of his time developing adhesives was focused on the highly demanding Aerospace quality adhesive, but his knowledge extends to medical device adhesives and broader commercial uses. During his time at companies like Lockheed Martin, Dr. Steiner refined his expertise in the area of adhesion science and surface analysis through the use of Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) photos and post mortem failure analysis. Dr. Steiner’s has particular expertise in the aging of adhesives and therefore adhesion loss, which he has applied to help companies like Lockheed Martin and Boeing to increase the life of their inventory.

In addition to developing adhesives, Dr. Steiner has expertise in all areas of testing adhesives. His adhesive testing expertise includes the typical mechanical test methods of tension, flexure, peel, and compression to more complicated methods like toughness. These tests were dynamic and at times included fatigue testing under very different environments from ambient to hot wet conditions and salt spray, etc. Some aerospace testing applications were also concerned with out gassing, which Dr. Steiner also includes in his testing expertise.

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