Adhesive Expert Consulting and Expert Witness Services

Thank you for visiting. With over 25 years in industry, Dr. Paul Steiner is available to serve you as an expert consultant or expert witness in all areas related to developing, formulating, testing, and failure analysis for adhesives, resins and advanced fiber reinforced composites in a wide variety of applications from aerospace to electronics to medical devices to packaging. Dr. Steiner is your source for advice on adhesive sourcing, adhesives selection and cure cycle development. His expertise covers adhesive classes including epoxies, FR4 flame retardant epoxies, bismaleimides, polyimides, cyanoacrylates, PSAs, specialty adhesive formulations, and more.

Available for adhesive consulting &
adhesive expert witness services.

Please review Dr. Steiner’s adhesives, resins and advanced composites expertise on the Adhesives Expertise page.

Your Adhesive Specialist:

• Adhesive bond improvement
• Adhesive expert witness, intellectual property disputes, and attorney research support
• Adhesive environmental testing: water, solvent, thermal
• Biomedical adhesive applications
• Replacements for VOC solvent formulations
• Adhesive failure analysis, trouble shooting, applications
• ASTM and Mil Standards testing
• Adhesive search, source selection, application testing
• Liaison to adhesive specialty formulators
• Adhesion formulary for metals, wood, glass, plastics, FRPs, ceramics, etc.
• QC laboratory testing

Quality Systems:

Dr. Steiner also has extensive expertise in the area of Quality Assurance including establishing GMP (i.e. GXP) and ISO 9001 quality systems. As an American Society for Quality (ASQ) Certified Quality Auditor (CQA), he has performed hundreds of quality audits from EU to US and China.

Throughout Dr. Steiner’s career, he has managed Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs) and Contract Testing Organizations (CTOs) in fields that include aerospace, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. This has included Chemical Manufacturing Control (CMC) work for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and GMP intermediates for both small molecule chemical synthesis and large molecule biologics.  In addition, he has extensive experience in the design and construction of manufacturing and testing laboratories for pharmaceutical drug substance, drug product, and medical devices.  Through this experience Dr. Steiner has become an expert in the “four Qs”:  Design Qualification, Installation Qualification, Operational Qualification, and Performance Qualification for the commissioning of new facility construction especially as it relates to pharmaceuticals and medical devices.


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